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Whether you want a marketing strategy upgrade or get in the digital spotlight, Performance Max can carve a path to your success.

With more than 3 billion Active Users on social platforms, it only takes a YES from you and our teams’ creative collaboration to skyrocket your sales, engagement rates, and profits.

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What does Social Media Marketing include?

We listen to you and your audience. As one of the best social media marketing agencies in India, we know the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work here.

That’s why, we prefer being the good listeners & data collectors to craft well structured and optimized Ad Campaigns unique to your brand’s DNA.

With knowledge of the latest trends and tools, making ads that hook your ideal customers, at a specific hour, on the right channel with planned execution, we do it all.

So, you enjoy excellent ROI and ROAS worry-free through our plans, with complimentary boost in digital presence.

  • Channel Strategy
  • Competition Analysis
  • Reputation Management

Facebook Ads

Facebook, the world’s biggest social network, offers diverse ad options to target audiences by location, interests, behavior, and demographics.

Instagram Ads

Instagram, with over a billion users, offers easy, versatile ad options for targeted marketing, enhancing brand reach and engagement.

Linkedin Ads

LinkedIn, essential for B2B, offers sponsored content, InMail, and display ads to target by location, job title, or company size.

Snapchat Ads

Snapchat, ideal for youth-focused brands, offers targeted ads with sponsored lenses, filters, and ads, engaging and informing Gen Z creatively.

YouTube Ads

YouTube, the second largest search engine, is ideal for businesses. Reach its vast audience with pre-roll, mid-roll, and banner ads to boost conversions and revenue.

Quora Ads

Quora, like LinkedIn, is ideal for businesses targeting niche audiences. Use sponsored questions and answers to build brand awareness and drive conversions.

Why Performance Max?

Select a platform you want to target and witness measurable growth rates with our Ad campaigns like this:


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With us, maximum profits are achievable. Leaving your site and brand to the best social media marketing agency in India will shoot up your visibility and engagement rates.

Our USP? We base our strategies on data not 100% intuition.

That’s why we first conduct your site’s FREE social checkup to offer you plans that match. Our strategies are based on real-time insights so you stay ahead, all year round.

As an SMM agency, we are responsible, collaborative, proactive, and your reliable guide during this wonderful journey.

Connect with our social media marketing consultants to know how paid ads convert traffic into genuine leads, ultimately raising revenue.

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